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Jackhammer Tile Blades Need some tile blades for your electric jackhammer?  We have those as well - $25



4" tile tooth



   Try out our new 4" Tungsten Carbide ceramic tile tooth for only $139.  It connects to the TTATTA250x (Tile Tooth Attachment) that's included with your OEM Scraper.







The Hurricane and Lightning received an engine upgrade to the new Kohler Command PRO 25hp EFI propane engine.  Overview from Kohler below.

Professional Grade Design.

Closed-loop electronic fuel injection is just one of the pro features you get. With no carburetor, there are no carburetor problems and no fuel stabilizer needed. These engines automatically adjust to load, weather and altitude for better performance and are backed by a 3-year unlimited-hour commercial limited warranty.

Reliable Starting.

These engines start like your car - just turn the key and go. There's no choking, no priming and no fuel pressure adjustment. Plus, there's no carburetor maintenance and less downtime.

Increased Efficiency.

KOHLER EFI propane engines produce over 50% fewer hydrocarbon emissions than a typical carbureted engine, helping to reduce smog formation (compared to a comparable Kohler carbureted gasoline engine under comparable loads and duty cycles). They may be used on Ozone Action Days and can help you win “green” contracts. Plus, 25% less fuel means 25% less carbon-based greenhouse gas emissions. They also reduce carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by up to 50%.


EFI diagnostic software provides a quick diagnosis to help detect and fix problems if they occur.

High Power Performance.

Command PRO EFI automatically optimizes for fuel grade, fuel quality and altitude.

Electronic Fuel Injection.

Save up to $1200/year when you run an EFI propane engine 600/hours a year. Save up to $2.00/hour compared to a carbureted gasoline engine. And save up to $1.25/hour compared to a carbureted gasoline-to-propane engine conversion (compared to a comparable Kohler carbureted gasoline engine under comparable loads and duty cycles; based on a gasoline price of $3.65/gal. and a propane price of $1.75/gal. and 600 hours of annual operation).