why us?

25+ Years of Positive, Productive Experience.

Simply being in business for more than twenty years is no guarantee of professionalism, product knowledge or expertise. The OEM team has decades of hard-earned knowledge and wisdom, and they put the lessons they’ve learned to work for you every time they service or design a machine.

Repair + Support.

We do more than fix problems. We engineer solutions. When you come to the team at OEM for a repair, or purchase one of our machines, you’re getting more than a one-time experience. Our business model is one of support and building increased productivity for you, whether that’s examining maintenance practices and suggesting schedules or incorporating your unique needs into the machines themselves.

Relationship Focused.

When you call our office, a person answers the phone. We don’t pretend to be anything we’re not, and that gives us the freedom to do what we do best; repair, engineer, and build top-of-the-line floor scrapers, and advise customers on the products they need.

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